Gail's Thyroid Tips

Here are some other links which we found very informative
as we began our search for knowledge about thyroid
disease. Be sure you go over all the symptoms of thyroid
disease; this is important to identify problems caused by
hypothyroidism that your doctor may treating as a
separate problem---when really all you need is the proper
adjustment of your thyroid medications.

This link is just superb in every fashion:  http://www.

If your doctor is determined to decide your health based
on your TSH tests rather than your clinical symptoms, here
is a link which may help. This shows that endocrine activity
is NOT steady; it is pulsate. So the results you get can
vary just simply depending upon the time of day the blood
was drawn! This study is also useful when your doctor
insists to you that you must have only oral T4 to avoid
"spikes" that you get with natural thyroid. As you can see
in this study, those spikes are NATURAL. Your doctor
spends all day long having his thyroid hormones spike.…
Perhaps HE’D like to try existing only on oral T4…. http:

Antidepressants are often prescribed to thyroid patients.
Of course, we don’t get depressed due to a deficiency of
drugs in our bloodstream, but the doctors don’t mind
handing out Prozac by the handful anyway! Here are two
very significant scientific studies on the topic.

This first study is one I mentioned before; they discovered
that giving people T3 along with their oral T4 alleviated
their depression and improved neuropsychological
function. http://content.nejm.

Here is a study proving that certain anti-depressants
actually lower your T3 and T4 levels: ht NEJM_perkypills.

This study claims that patients with hypothyroidism and
depression may need synthroid and antidepressants (too
bad these guys didn’t read the first study, eh? All the
patients need is T3, not synthroid and Prozac!). However,
the study goes on to state that patients given the
antidepressant Zoloft had lower levels of both T3 and T4
in their bloodstreams, plus an elevated TSH. In other
words, the anti-depressant made the hypothyroidism
WORSE. And of course, this is only going to make the
depression worse too, as well as bring on other
hypothyroid problems. Read to the end of the article
where Pfizer points out that other anti-depressants have
similar effects. The solution to your depression is to get
some T3 into your system.

If your thyroid disease is being treated but you are still
suffering from depression or moodiness, it is quite likely
that you need more T3. All of us are different and what
works for one won’t necessarily work for the others, but
studies have shown that T3 is crucial to your mood. In my
own experience with thyroid disease, depression was not
a factor at all UNTIL I was on such a high dose of
synthroid that my TSH went nearly to zero (which of
course, completely shut down my thyroid gland and
deprived me of everything except the oral T4 I took). Once
my body was deprived of T3, I became depressed. I was
a wreck, crying and miserable and barely functioning. We
visited my family for Christmas and I took 25 mcg/day of
my sister's cytomel (no, I didn’t have permission from my
doctor!). My depression was cured instantly---literally
overnight. I went to bed crying and woke up smiling.  I
took the cytomel the whole time I was there and was very
happy! But after Christmas I was back on the other side of
the country and had just synthroid again. The depression
returned immediately. The day I switched to Armour---
even though I started out with ½ grain---my depression
was completely alleviated. I haven’t had any problems with
depression since I changed to Armour.

And if you are on antidepressants already, read again that
second study I listed above. The antidepressant may very
well be making your thyroid disease and depression

Finally, there is some research about anti-depressants
that you might find a little too scary to read.  In the July
2001 issue of Discover Magazine, doctors admit that
drugs such as Prozac actually change the physical
structure of your brain.  These drugs cause permanent
changes--yes, even one dose.  To read the full article you
will have to get the magazine, but here is the first part of
article=featsurprise.html This
article mentions a scientific study that proves 3,5 T2
stimulates the production of 5’ deiodinase. Go to page 4 of
this article where they mention the action of T2. Now, one
thing they get wrong is where they say that "the only
active hormone is T3." Not true! Your cells will use T4 but
they don’t like to do so; they have little affinity for T4. They
prefer T3. And T2, as I mentioned near the start of this
treatise, is highly active metabolically; it is responsible for
the production of ATP in the cells. I think this article was
written before the research on T2... Anyway, go to the
bibliography of this article and look at #2. This is the study
discussing how T2 stimulates the production of 5’
deiodinase. Please remember that there are different
deiodinase enzymes and they each have different actions.
We have been searching for the study referenced in this
bibliography but haven’t found it yet.

edu/~hkaslow/Teach/Handouts/Thyroid-2000.pdf This is a
very scientific treatise about thyroid hormone. On page 2
you’ll see a diagram showing which deiodinase enzymes
break down T4 into T3 and reverse T3. You’ll notice that
the deiodinase which turns T4 into T3 is the same
deiodinase that is produced using T2. This shows that we
must have T2 in order to produce the deiodinase which
turns T4 into active T3. Hmmm…. Sounds like we’d better
start taking Armour so we can get that T2, so we can use
our T4!

Mary Shomon’s Thyroid Drug Database: Learn the basics
about the different types of thyroid medication. http:

Thyroid Disease Widespread, 13 Million At Risk--A major
study found that 13 million Americans may be unaware of
and undiagnosed for their thyroid conditions and that more
widespread thyroid testing is needed in order to avoid the
health effects- including high cholesterol-of even slighly
elevated TSH levels. http://thyroid.about.

Dangers of Soy Products for Thyroid Patients--Soy may
be a wonder food to some, but it can be a danger to
thyroid patients. Find out about the risk that soy products
have for adults with thyroid disease, and infants on soy
formulas, including how much soy is safe to eat. http:
// Here’s
one about soy; when fed lots of soy, these rats had lower
T3 levels and higher reverse T3 levels. http://www.elis.
In the "Introduction" portion of this article you will see that
thyroid hormone transport into cells is inhibited by a lot of
things, including tryptophan. Do you take tryptophan to
help you sleep or lose weight? Read this study to see
what all you might want to avoid. Here is more by Dr.

This is an article by Dr. Ward Dean. He’s really good. http:
// Go to www.vrp.
com, and
for a lot of excellent health information. Dr. Ward Dean
contributes to these sites regularly; you can
his excellent articles on both sites. He writes about thyroid
disease all the time; I recommend visiting both of these
sites and scanning all of his articles for thyroid info and
treatment. This article
is very informative in many ways about thyroid disease,
what drugs may cause your body to be unable to use
thyroid hormone, the effect on children, and a host of other
things. The one area in which I totally disagree with this
author is on page 17 where he discusses levothyroxine as
"the treatment of choice" for hypothyroidism. He’s a
synthroid-pusher! I have included his article, however, so
you can read the great information in the first half, and
also to be unbiased (yeah right, like I’m not pushing natural
m this is the scientific study I mentioned above showing
that the body needs the T3 DIRECTLY SECRETED by the
thyroid gland. Sign
up for this guy’s newsletter; he’s very good with more than
just the thyroid. My sister gets his free e-letter and it is
great! www.mercola.

com/health/thyroid/library/weekly/aa081999.htm Planning
to have children? Here’s a study which shows you’ll want
to get your thyroid in order first. What infuriates me about
this is that I had abnormal TSH tests (a full point above the
reference range) and tried to get treatment, but was
denied it. I had 2 more kids after that and was severely
hypothyroid both while pregnant and nursing those children
but was denied treatment because "it’s NORMAL for a
pregnant/nursing woman to be hypothyroid! There’s
nothing wrong with you!" Fortunately, they are both very
intelligent (ages 3 and 4 now) as are my 6 and 8 year
olds. But maybe they’d be Einsteins if I had gotten
treatment while pregnant and nursing them?

This is a Mary Shomon interview. I recommend going to
com/health/thyroid/cs/expertinterviews/index.htm and
reading all the interviews she has done. They are very

Here is an interesting link, if you can’t get natural thyroid
from your doctor (the upper right corner says you can
order it without a prescription). I won’t tell you to order
your own medicines; that is your call. But my sister
purchases her thyroid meds in Mexico without a
prescription and I’ve done it myself.  Depressed and
can’t seem to get over it? You need T3!
shtml This oughta make you mad.  Here is a
discussion of the dangers of fluoride and how it affects
your thyroid. Item #4 is especially interesting. This is essentially a "chat
page" for doctors; they discuss their treatment protocols
with one another. We have found this to be a really useful
page for leading us to new things to try. Want
more support? We have also read a lot of great
information on this message board; this is where we first
heard that T2 was active so we were able to find the
scientific research proving it. This is a site about how to correct
your thyroid disease nutritionally. Here’s
what happens if you don’t treat your thyroid disease.

Got Bipolar Disorder? I don’t but we ran across this link
one day so I’ll include it here for anyone to whom it