Gail's Thyroid Tips

One of the ladies on the forum was asking people for help
with her strange skin conditions and was wondering if
anyone else had similar problems with their thyroid
disease. She described peeling skin and "acne" that didn’t
really act like proper acne.

I had some "acne" that didn’t behave so I posted her
asking if she had any of these other symptoms that I too,
had. For example, I had a discoloration of my skin in some
patches on my lower back and below my breasts. I also
noticed that even though I never had foot odor in the past
(even when I didn’t wear socks), my feet had begun to
reek! I’d buy new shoes and they’d stink anyway after just
1-2 wearings. Also, my breath was starting to smell some
and I was always careful to make sure I applied plenty of
deodorant each day. I also noticed peeling skin on my
scalp. The "acne" was located primarily along my hairline
but sometimes popped up elsewhere.

And since I have thyroid disease, I figured all this stuff was
related to my thyroid---especially since the symptoms
actually improved some when I first started thyroid
medication. But it never seemed to go away completely….

Well, my Top Doc is much more holistically oriented. I went
to him to get more Armour, but he did much more for me
than that. One thing he does when he gets new patients is
to have them fill out a very long questionnaire discussing
just about every aspect of your body and health---dozens
of things you’d never think of. He recognizes that if your
thyroid it out of whack, your whole system can go haywire
and you’ll develop other imbalances that need correction
even after you get the thyroid disease and adrenals under

I filled out the questionnaire and it led us to concerns about
the bowel and yeast. So he ordered a stool analysis for
me and it turned up a pathogenic level of yeast in my
bowels! I was placed on a 30-day course of Nizoral
tablets. This is the same drug you’ll see ads for on TV for
dandruff shampoo. I’d never heard of it before I was taking
the oral version….

Anyway the first two days I noticed no change. But then
the next 3 days my lower back was just aching horribly and
my guts hurt. I figured this was probably the yeast dying
off, and so I waited through it. Sure enough, from that point
on, things were great. My scalp healed up and is smooth
and clear as a baby’s. My "acne" is totally gone which is
very nice. I must emphasize that the "acne" really wasn’t
like acne at all. It was more like painful red bumps that I
thought were pimples but they held mostly blood instead of
pus. Anyway, they disappeared. And my body is fresh as a
daisy! I don’t have to wear deodorant if I don’t want to;
there is no odor at all. My feet are nice and fresh, my skin
soft and supple and pretty. When I get up in the morning,
my breath is just as fresh as it was the night before.

So I wanted to mention this to you as well just in case you
had experienced the same types of symptoms. Another
symptom that goes right along with this is itching. Yeast
infections are usually accompanied by itching. I know my
scalp definitely itched and I seemed to be scratching my
whole body a lot more.

So where does this problem come from? Since my
symptoms actually had gotten better when I first started
thyroid meds, I figured it was all thyroid related. But now
that I’ve had a stool analysis, I know it was a yeast
infection. I think this is probably because a thyroid
deficiency allows yeast to overgrow and take over your
system. Your immune system can’t work properly if there
is no thyroid hormone. And 60% of your immune system is
located in your digestive tract. So the yeast gets out of
control and takes over. When you start thyroid hormone
orally, the immune system gets a boost and can start
fighting back and getting the yeast under control. It might
win all by itself, but in my case, it was so far out of control
that I had to take an oral fungicide to complete the cure
(probably from years of untreated hypothyroidism).

There is one doctor I know of who believes that Hashimoto’
s is actually caused by yeast imbalance.   He claims to have cured
Hashimoto’s patients and weaned them off their thyroid
medications by bolstering their immune systems. I’m not
sure I agree with him, but he says that a yeast overgrowth
results in the immune system producing antibodies against
the yeast, and these antibodies also happen to attack the
thyroid gland. So he thinks if you kill off the yeast you’ll
make fewer antibodies and can actually halt the progress
of Hashi’s. And if you stop it soon enough (before the gland
is badly damaged) you can quit taking oral thyroid. Again, I
am not sure I agree with him, but he claims to have cured
many patients so maybe he has hit the nail on the head. If
he is right that yeast or Epstein-Barr is causing the
autoimmune response, then if you got rid of those
infections your body would make fewer antibodies and thus
you’d have less damage to your thyroid gland. Perhaps you’
d be able to go off your thyroid medication if your gland
wasn’t too damaged. I just don’t know. He seems to think
so and he claims to have cured Hashimoto’s patients.

Regardless, it is common for women with thyroid disease
to have yeast imbalances. The question is whether the
yeast caused the thyroid disease or whether the thyroid
disease resulted in poor immune function that allowed a
yeast overgrowth to occur. I don’t know! I honestly don’t
know if there is a connection between the two. What I DO
know is that when I got tested for yeast and it came back
with pathogenic levels, I also got a Hashimoto’s test at the
same time. I had enormously high levels of both kinds of
Hashi’s antibodies (my doctor said they are the highest he
has ever seen). He said that the Hashi’s antibodies
themselves can interfere with the body’s use of oral thyroid

We are going to get another Hashi’s test now that I have
killed off the yeast. I am very curious to see if the Hashi’s
antibodies levels go down too. Should be VERY
interesting, don’t you think? If they do, it won’t PROVE
anything but it should raise some eyebrows and warrant
investigation. Maybe other Hashi’s patients should check
for yeast infections too.

How is this yeast overgrowth diagnosed? I had the
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis and Parasitology
done by Great Smokies Laboratory. This is the same lab
located in North Carolina that does the day-long adrenal
test; they do labwork that other labs do not do (they also
do a really excellent Thyroid Profile which includes TSH,
free T4, free T3, reverse T3, the ratio of reverse T3 to T3,
the T4-T3 ratio, and both kinds of antibodies). You don’t
have to be near NC; you just Airborne Express your lab
samples to them (they pay the shipping). My doctor
ordered this labwork, gave me the test kit, and Airborne
picked it up from my house. How does it work? You have
to poop into a tray and then use their little kit to scoop up a
sample of your poop and put it in the bottle (the kit is so
well-made that you don’t have to touch the poop at all; a
scooper is built-in to the lid of the sample jar so you just
scoop the poop and screw on the lid). You do this on 3
different days, call AirEx, and then wait for the results.
Yeah, it sounds gross but it was SO informative and
improved my quality of life astronomically. It was so worth
it. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms and
suspect you may have a yeast infection, I highly
recommend you have this done.  In addition, be sure to
take "pro-biotics."  What are these?  These are the good
flora you are supposed to have in a healthy digestive tract.  
Acidophilus is one.  However, there are many others and
you should take these as you kill off the yeast, to fill in the
gap.  Yeast can overgrow when the good flora is too low.  
When you kill the yeast, you must fill back in with good
flora to prevent some other pathogen from overgrowing
and taking over.

Here are some links about yeast.  Go to yahoo and put
"systemic yeast treatment" in the search engine; you will
be amazed at what you find.
20WELLNESS/candida.htm   An excellent site to help you
see if you have a yeast infection too.

Brain fog, fatigue and aching can be caused by yeast too!  

More yeast symptoms:  http://www.fitnessculture.

The GERD-yeast connection http://www.rumormillnews.

Types of yeast infections
com/caloradpoe/yeast.html for yeast tips

This is a link about CFS and fibro and the link between

A book that sounds interesting http://www.

Here is an amateur site put together by some woman who
has been fighting vaginal yeast infections. Perhaps her info
will help you.

And the very best thing you can do for your health is to
start taking a good quality multi-vitamin tablet daily. The
body requires selenium and other vitamins and minerals to
use thyroid hormone. http://www.equinevetnet.
com/nutrition/Topics/selproteins.html And it requires all the
vitamins and minerals for overall good health. If you want
to get the very most out of your life, include a good multi
vitamin/mineral in your daily diet. In addition, I recommend
you start taking amino acid and enzyme supplements as
well. A very good product (which I take) that contains
nearly every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, lipid, cell salt,
phytonutrient, antioxidant, and enzyme you need is
Wellness Source Multis, available from
HealthWatchers/Puritan’s Pride. You can order by phone at
1-800-321-6917. This "multi" may cost a little more than
Centrum or One-A-Day but it also contains 5 times more
necessary nutrients! It is worth it (and it’s often on sale
too, so stock up when the price is right). Feed it to
everyone else in your family too.